Risk-taking in the kitchen

I, too, have three pairs of alarmingly white hands with which I prepare raw produce on a dangerously small exotic wood cutting board.

This isn’t my kitchen. This probably isn’t even a kitchen, and those hands definitely aren’t really prepping food, because if they were they would be stained pink from the beets. It is a beautiful picture though, and that’s why we share it– it feels good to look at, but it does nothing to teach us about food.

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Welcome to my kitchen

A picture of a wooden countertop with fresh vegetables, a mason jar of tea, some chocolate and cookies. It is surrounded by many plants, herbs and orchids in the room beyond.

This is my favourite space in my home. It isn’t just where I dream up and prepare delicious things, but also where I mark my time through a series of small routines: morning coffee, afternoon meds, evening lavender tea. Anxious snacking, soothing mugs of hot chocolate, celebratory drinks– kitchens are for having feelings first, feeding people second.

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