Easy, Fast, Healthy: Simple Recipes for Busy People

Coconut Dal, comfort in a cup in under 10 minutes of prep time!

Simple food is highly underrated in today’s instagram-inspired home menu rotations. When you have no time to cook and little energy to think up inspiring recipes, it’s time to put away your stacks of cookbooks, close your zillions of recipe tabs and return to simple comfort foods. But comfort food needn’t be unhealthy or highly processed, and simple recipes don’t translate to boring! In my books, for something to warrant the label of a “simple recipe”, it has to hit a few basic criteria:

  • It has to take less than 10 minutes of prep time.
  • It has to have fewer than 5 ingredients (salt and pepper excluded.)
  • No fancy equipment, skills, or ingredients required.
  • It has to be satisfying on its own or with equally simple accompaniment, i.e. some bread, plain grains, or noodles.
  • Recipes that mostly come out of the pantry get bonus points.
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