Welcome to my kitchen

A picture of a wooden countertop with fresh vegetables, a mason jar of tea, some chocolate and cookies. It is surrounded by many plants, herbs and orchids in the room beyond.

This is my favourite space in my home. It isn’t just where I dream up and prepare delicious things, but also where I mark my time through a series of small routines: morning coffee, afternoon meds, evening lavender tea. Anxious snacking, soothing mugs of hot chocolate, celebratory drinks– kitchens are for having feelings first, feeding people second.

Every day is a series of brief encounters with the pantry, every season transforms what foods you’ll find in my fridge and cupboards, every holiday and moon phase is counted through rituals of cooking, making, drinking, eating. Today is the first of August and a new moon, the perfect time for percolating fresh perspectives, creative energies, and introspection. It has been hot, stormy, and windy here in Amsterdam, an influx of meteorological extremes rushing through in rapid procession. I couldn’t have planned for this combination of cosmic interventions to coincide with the start of this project, but I am glad they have. Because that’s just the way of things, isn’t it? You plan, life happens, you adapt.

This space is for taking care of myself by sharing this part of my life with you. I have been working in kitchens professionally for far too many years, and I want to reclaim some part of this sacred space for taking care of myself– not taking care of others, or being productive, or earning a living. Social media is inextricably designed to motivate external validation in the form of productivity and popularity measures, sometimes in ways that directly correlate with income. I want to see if there is a way to navigate this world of food writing that decouples it from those intrinsically alienating mechanisms and instead centers it on what food is actually for– caring for ourselves, each other, and our world through the rhythms and cycles of daily life.

You’ll find recipes here that are focused on feelings, needs, and wants. I strive to keep all my work with food free of judgement, either of our bodies or diets. But of course the only way to soften self-criticism is to acknowledge the ways our world is set up to criticize us constantly, especially those who are marginalized along multiple axes of their identities. We are all sensitive creatures with tastes and values that evolve and dis/abilities that shift throughout our lives. I want to keep space for these differences, and the ways we navigate them in a world that is set up to best serve those who have the most privilege. We’re all in this together, kids. We’ve got one planet with limited resources and powers that distribute them unfairly. So, let’s bring care for the world and care for each other into our relationship with food. It can only make things better.

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